Ready To Learn The Truth & Be Your Healthiest Self?

(Pssst! You’re about to make a decision that could change your relationship to food forever—all while going through an incredibly fun & enlightening online program at your own pace—from anywhere, at any time.)

we all know this: food can be scary.
Not Like, Creeping
In A Back Alley' Scary...

…but more like ‘messing with your head and
whispering mean things’ scary. And really, all you
want to do is stop living from a place of confusion and fear and
start living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

I Get It, Because I've Been There.

Hi! I’m Amanda, and I struggled with food and body image for nearly a decade. Like you, I wanted to figure out what “healthy” really means, once and for all. I desired to know the truth about food in a way that’s easy to understand–which brought me here, to you!

I learned more from Amanda and

Food or Fiction than any book

I’ve ever read on nutrition and health.

– Suezanne W., Gardnerville, NV

Food or Fiction is now more affordable than ever! If paying all at once isn’t an option (although the bonus is worth it!), you can now join by paying in 3 monthly payments of $87. (I know you’re doing the happy dance;).


FREE UPGRADE! The first 5 women who pay in full will receive a BONUS 30-minute laser-coaching session with Amanda to be scheduled within one month after the purchase date. (Worth over $200!). This will add massive value to your experience and enhance your journey!

If you’re anything like me,
you’ve felt some (or all)
of the following:
  • Your head is full of theories (and tips and tricks)
    when all you really want is to find out what works
    for YOU.
  • Everyone (and their mom and their mom’s friend’s life coach) has something to say about healthy eating and you can’t tell what is actually true anymore.
  • You want to start eating well without a giant
    overhaul or hefty grocery bill.
  • You know you need help but you’re not ready for
    the time or investment of one-on-one coaching.
  • You want to really (finally!) learn about food
    without having to read another book.
  • You’re ready to make peace with your body and stop the torture of counting calories or spending too much time on the elliptical.
  • You have approximately 1,000 questions about
    giving up gluten, or being vegan, or those
    sugar-free snacks that come in those tiny
    pouches, or what to do when your cravings
    come pounding on your door!
And I’m banking on the fact that you want to feel
totally different; like a brand new woman in a
short amount of time.

(Because who doesn’t want impressive results in a reasonable
amount of time?). I know that feeling all too well.

A few years ago, I was that girl who simply didn’t get it.
I read magazines, watched talk show clips, and took in
what I thought were nuggets of wisdom from “reliable”
sources when it came to nutrition.

What I ended up with was far from the healthy state
of being I desired. I was constantly exhausted (and hangry, like 24/7),
hormonally out of balance, and more confused about
how to take care of myself than ever before.


And then I realized something that completely changed
my life: I had to take control of my own health,
because no one understands what’s best for my body
except me. It was time to take action and discover the
truth about food in a way I never had before.

From that moment on, I never looked back. I knew I could help others experience the same shift I hadwhen everything in your life falls into place, and you’re so confident in your body and yourself that you wonder what the heck you were even doing before. Over six
years later, I’ve coached thousands of women around
the worldjust like youon how to make this a reality
for them, too.


Please allow me to introduce you to:


is a self-paced nutrition coaching program that’s based on the power of knowledge and will inspire you to take control of your own health. You’ll learn about why self-care is the foundation of your well-being, and find peace around some of the most controversial nutrition topics out there, including sugar, soy, dairy, and gluten, in a way that’s simple,
realistic, and fun. Learn about a different food group with each module and change what you want to change because

Industry Love

Diets don’t work. Lifestyles do.
Amanda’s work to help her clients
feed their hunger on all levels using
their inner power and intuition is
commendable, much-needed work in
our dietarily overstimulated society.

Christa Orecchio
Founder, The Whole Journey

Amanda is fearless. She points
me in the direction of radiant
wellness with her rule breaking,
straight shooting, fun and useful
insights, recipes, and programs.
I’m a fan!

tara stiles
Founder, strala yoga

Amanda is changing the way that we
define health. Her relatable personality
combined with her depth of knowledge
in health & nutrition make her the
perfect person to guide you on your
way to health and happiness.

Ali Leipzig
Founder, Soul Camp

To teach you to retrain your brain so you can learn how to connect with your body in a way you never have before, leaving you feeling empowered so you’re able to shift how you think about yourself, which in turn, affects every decision you make around food. Say goodbye to confusion and guesswork. You’ll just get it.

To show you that you don’t have to give up anything to be healthy, and there should never be a “nice” and “naughty” list when it comes to food. Rather, you’ll be given alternatives so you can have your cake, and eat it, too (yes, that’s a joke…but totally true).

To understand the power of the 80/20 rule. Imagine never having to count a calorie, knowing what foods work for your body and maintaining a happy and healthy weight for YOU, feeling empowered when you order from a menu, not judging yourself when you want to have a few glasses of wine with dinner, and feeling freaking amazing whether you’re standing in front of the mirror naked, or wearing your favorite jeans. Finding your own balance is the key.

To let you know you’re not alone. Once you join the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to our Program Facebook Group where you’ll meet other women who are also struggling with food and desire to improve their overall wellbeing.


I asked my clients to share their stories. Aside from making me blush, I knew hearing the honest truth about their journeys would help you feel confident that YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

From the moment I started working with Amanda, I was hooked!
I loved the idea of saying goodbye to all forms of ‘dieting’ or
restrictive eating and learning how to see food as nourishment
rather than an enemy or burden. I’ve learned to treat this
process as a joyful journey where I know that a full, whole
lifestyle and balanced relationship to food is possible.

Taylor N.
New York, NY

The program was life changing for me. I signed up for the program to better understand the truth about sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy and how those foods were impacting me physically. I had no idea that at the completion of the program, I would feel better than I have in years both physically and mentally. Amanda gave me the motivation I needed to make serious changes in my daily diet that have helped me to feel more energetic, healthier, and more confident when it comes to buying and preparing healthy foods/meals. I overall feel more balanced in my life. What I found most amazing about Amanda is how honest and real she is. While teaching you about how to live healthier, she also makes you feel like it’s ok to enjoy life by telling us about her own experiences with food and how she too occasionally indulges in a piece of birthday cake. Amanda’s enthusiasm for healthy living is truly contagious!


Food or Fiction is now more affordable than ever! If paying all at once isn’t an option (although the bonus is worth it!), you can now join by paying in 3 monthly payments of $87. (I know you’re doing the happy dance;).


FREE UPGRADE! The first 5 women who pay in full will receive a BONUS 30-minute laser-coaching session with Amanda to be scheduled within one month of the purchase date. (Worth over $200!). This will add massive value to your experience and enhance your journey!

Chew on these features
core curriculum

Once you enroll, you’ll be sent an email that will provide you with your own password to our private Food or Fiction website. There, you’ll find all content laid out in an easy-to-navigate format. I suggest taking on one module per week, but feel free to go at your own pace!


Module 1: The importance of self-care.
Module 2: Sugar is (not so) sweet.
Module 3: Is soy a friend or foe?
Module 4: The deal with dairy.
Module 5: Is gluten-free the way to be?
Recap & Implementation Call with Amanda

educational material

You’ll be given a beautifully
designed handbook along with a pre-recorded webinar as educational material
based on each new topic. The handbook
will include recommended healthy swaps,
hidden sources of the relevant food topic,
and delicious sample recipes. The webinar will discuss each topic in depth in a way that’s relatable and easy to understand.

Private Program Facebook Group

Since there are no live calls with the self-study version of Food or Fiction, you’ll have access to our private Program Facebook Group where you can connect, ask questions, share success stories, and more with the other women involved in the program. These ladies are awesome, so get ready to learn, share, and inspire!

The Curriculum
Module 1: Recorded Call with Jamie Mendell
Laying the Foundation with Self-Care
  • Jamie is a self-care expert and will teach you why it’s impossible to fix your relationship to food before you fix your relationship with yourself
  • How the big transitions in life (eh hem, babies!:) will help you create and indulge in your own self-care routine, without the guilt
  • What supreme self-care really means (it’s not just about manis and massages)
  • How learning to trust your gut and create a natural, easy going relationship to food is the only real way to make peace with your body
Module 2
  • The story behind the sweet stuff’s impact on your blood sugar, and what really happens to the body during those “I need sugar NOW!” episodes that occur during the 3-4pm ‘bewitching’ hour
  • Let’s get clinical: the science behind those sneaky sugar cravings and what your body is really trying to tell you
  • My top four healthy sugar alternatives for you to have on hand at home to make cooking and baking a breeze
  • What the heck is candida, and do you have it?
Module 3
Is Soy friend or foe?
  • Why you’re probably consuming soy without even knowing it
  • The difference between fermented and unfermented soy, and what’s okay to consume
  • How xenoestrogens are impacting your hormonal health outside of food (think beauty products and plastics)
  • Why it’s important to understand soy’s impact on the men in your life, especially if you’ve got babies on the brain
Module 4
The Deal With Dairy
  • Why dairy is just as addictive as sugar (this is for my fellow “I finished the whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s without evening realizing it!” gals)
  • The reason you need to buy full-fat dairy products and say goodbye to those bogus “low-fat” milk, cheese, and yogurt claims
  • Debunking the myth behind dairy’s connection to calcium
Module 5
Is Gluten-Free the way to be?
  • The symptoms you need to watch out for when it comes to gluten sensitivity (hello, bloating and fatigue)
  • Why gluten could be responsible for your inability to lose weight if you feel like you’ve been trying for-ev-er
  • What happens to the body when we ingest today’s wheat products (those darn “Frankenwheat” imposters)
Recap & Implementation
Bonus Live Call With Amanda

Amanda will host a special LIVE call in January for you to ask any questions that have been lingering. Whether you’re on Module 5 or have yet to start, you’ll find so much value in our time together! By the time the holidays come to an end, you’ll feel confident knowing you can enjoy every moment of the New Year without worrying or stressing about food. (The BEST feeling!)

You'll Walk Away With
Confidence that you know exactly how
and what and why to eat
The freedom to enjoy foods you love
without guilt (FINALLY!)
Clarity on some of the most confusing,
anxiety-inducing aspects of nutrition
Takeaways that you’ll use for the rest
of your (happier, healthier) life
The know-how to relax in the kitchen
and cook with ease

Because you’re about to have the same realization I did years ago:
if you don’t take control of your health and happiness, no one else
will. All I need you to do is trust yourself, and know that you’re worthy of making an investment in your health and wellbeing. If you’re not love with your life, what’s the point? The only question left is…


Food or Fiction is now more affordable than ever! If paying all at once isn’t an option (although the bonus is worth it!), you can now join by paying in 3 monthly payments of $87. (I know you’re doing the happy dance;).


FREE UPGRADE! The first 5 women who pay in full will receive a BONUS 30-minute laser-coaching session with Amanda to be scheduled within one month after the purchase date. (Worth over $200!). This will add massive value to your experience and enhance your journey!

Fast Action & Special Bonus Content
These goodies will help you in your journey!
Private coaching session
with Amanda on Skype (A $249 value)

AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST 5 WOMEN WHO SIGN UP! (Must pay in full to be eligible). There’s nothing quite like one-on-one time to really get the ball rolling and dig deep into what’s truly holding you back from living your best, healthiest life. You’ll spend a life-changing 30-minutes with Amanda and achieve clarity on how to move forward so you can get the most out of your Food or Fiction Program!

A copy of my signature DIY program,
Eat Your Way Thin (A $49 value)

Upon signing up for the program, you’ll receive your Welcome Handbook as well as a copy of my signature do-it-yourself Eat Your Way Thin 21-Day Meal Plan + Lifestyle Program. This 60-page ebook is packed with fun tips for how to live a healthy life that’s sustainable, and gives you three weeks worth of done-for-you meal plans that are so delicious you’ll forget that you’re trying to eat “healthy” (which, of course, is the whole point!).

Lifetime access to the program content (Priceless)

We all approach things at a different pace, which is why you will gain lifetime access to this program the second you commit to signing up. When you need a quick tune-up, you can listen to any of the modules, or go through the program again with the next wave of students through the Facebook Group. You’ll also have access to any materials that are added to the program in future editions.

**Plus surprise bonus content from a few wellness industry rockstars that will be hosted in our private community!


Health, food, self-care–they should all be FUN, rather than feeling like a chore. I promise that Food or Fiction will help you discover the health and happiness you desire and so deserve without the drama or constant effort. I do this work because nothing brings me more joy than to watch women dream big and stand in full confidence once they understand how powerful they truly are. Food can change so much about your life if you give yourself the space, time, and love that is necessary to create lasting transformation. It would be my honor to have you join us on this journey! I’ve got your back, as do the women you’re about to meet in the program if you choose to join us.

Still Have Questions?

No problem! The purpose of the self-study program is for you to move through the material at your own pace. You can do one module per week, or one per month, or fit it in whenever it works for you.

I have clients from California to Mexico to the UK. Any woman who is on a mission to create a better, more educated and uplifting life for herself around food can sign up! The more diverse our experience, the more well-rounded and fun this program will be.

The program begins the second you sign up! You’ll receive your Welcome Handbook as well as a copy of my Eat Your Way Thin 21-Day Meal Plan + Lifestyle Program. In addition, you can start engaging with fellow FOF members in our Private Facebook Group. All content will be released October 10th. From there, you’re on your own, and depending on how you want to space out the program, I would expect to spend at least 1-2 hours per module (for the handbook + webinars), trying recipes, and really diving into the content.

Of course there is no pressure to participate in the Facebook Group. I will say that to get the most out of this program, it would be beneficial to get involved there, especially since there are no live weekly calls with the self-study version of this program. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey and I have a strong feeling that there will be someone in a similar situation in this program. You never know…you could walk away with new and wonderful lifelong friendships!


You’re in luck! I’ve decided to offer a discounted rate on private coaching packages that will only be available to Food or Fiction participants. You can purchase a 6-pack of coaching sessions for 15% off my normal rate once you enroll. Private coaching will begin in Winter 2018 after I’ve had time to recover post-baby. Totally up to you! Email [email protected] if this is something you’d like to set up.

I want you to be fully satisfied with this program (which I know you will be!), so if you’d like to talk things over beforehand, I would love to help navigate you through the process. Simply email [email protected] to set up a complimentary 15-minute call. I’m not able to offer refunds for the self-study version of Food or Fiction because all content is handed out upon purchase.






Have a question that you need answered?
We’ll get you taken care of ASAP!