client stories and praise

From the moment I started working with Amanda, I was hooked!

I loved the idea of saying goodbye to all forms of ‘dieting’ or restrictive eating and learning how to see food as nourishment rather than an enemy or burden. I’ve learned to treat this process as a joyful journey where I know that a full, whole lifestyle and balanced relationship to food is possible.

Taylor N.

Amanda and her Food or Fiction program are amazing!

I had decided to join the program with the hopes of developing a better relationship with food. Not only did my relationship with food improve, but I learned so much about nutrition in general. Knowledge that will help me on my journey of achieving an overall well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Amanda was so personable and lovable right from the start. It was like having a new friend immediately with the added bonus of having your own private nutritionist to help you answer any questions that you have. The other people that participated were wonderful as well. Such an inspiring community! I can’t thank Amanda enough for putting this phenomenal program together to share her knowledge. It was worth every penny! She definitely changed my life and I will be forever grateful! Thank you Amanda!

Jaime S.
Paxton, IL

I love Amanda and her style.

She is positive, upbeat, and very knowledgeable with great ideas. Best of all, she is not hung up on “rules” and lets you know how to improve your lifestyle without going on a regimented “diet”. She has been instrumental in helping me move toward a healthier body image and learning to make good choices. Knowing what really is healthy versus what books or even health food stores advertise is so much of the battle and Amanda gives you that information and more.


Amanda and Food or Fiction are both fabulous!

The program was life changing for me. I signed up for the program to better understand the truth about sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy and how those foods were impacting me physically. I had no idea that at the completion of the program, I would feel better than I have in years both physically and mentally. Amanda gave me the motivation I needed to make serious changes in my daily diet that have helped me to feel more energetic, healthier, and more confident when it comes to buying and preparing healthy foods/meals. I overall feel more balanced in my life. What I found most amazing about Amanda is how honest and real she is. While teaching you about how to live healthier, she also makes you feel like it’s ok to enjoy life by telling us about her own experiences with food and how she too occasionally indulges in a piece of birthday cake. Amanda’s enthusiasm for healthy living is truly contagious!


Amanda is amazing.

I am a massage therapist and felt like I “knew it all.” And then I met Amanda. I knew I had a lot to learn from her. She is a fountain of brilliance! I feel powerful now with information that can help my clients {and myself} to weed through the myths the world wants us to believe and become healthier because of it. After Food or Fiction, I’ve learned to listen to my own body and feel like I have control!


Food or Fiction changed my perspective!

I was able to apply what Amanda spoke of in baby steps. She made the transitions doable by keeping things simple. Amanda has done the hard part for us, and put all of her knowledge into a format I understood and even remembered and applied after our live chats ended. She made everything about us and I felt supported each and every week. By sharing her experience and having a greater understanding of what she’s gone through with food personally, she gave me hope. Amanda showed grace, support, kindness, knowledge, and love to us all. Amanda, thank you for taking your time to make a difference in my life and to the others that joined. I know I can make changes for the better!

Gardnerville, NV

I signed up for Food or Fiction because I was drowning in all the different information on what is considered “healthy” versus what we should or shouldn’t eat.

Amanda followed the “listen to your body approach,” which is key! She outlined each section beautifully in a way that was simple and informative. Amanda responded to individual questions, making the group calls feel more like a bunch of girlfriends chatting than a program. Due to Food or Fiction, I am more prepared to think about what foods I should eat in general, but the BEST part is I can do it without anxiety!

Clarissa D.
Novi, MI

Food or Fiction is a must-have resource for anybody who is looking to take control of their health.

Amanda has done all of the research for you and presents the information in a simple, straight-forward way that is easy to understand and apply. She goes so far beyond simply educating clients on better choices by also including recipes, suggested products and even the best places to buy them. Amanda’s fun, upbeat personality makes you feel like you’re chatting with a close (and crazy smart!) girlfriend who wants to equip you with everything you need to make better choices. Do yourself a favor and invest in this program if you’ve ever been confused about what’s honestly healthy for your body and what might be just a trend!

Kristin S.
Allentown, PA

As a woman who has battled weight and body image issues since middle school, I’ve tried my fair share of diets – from Power Pops, to diet pills, to excessive exercise, to eating nothing at all… And then, I tried Amanda’s Food or Fiction program.

Never did I think Amanda would give me the gift she did. Amanda opened my eyes to the world of nutrition and healthy living. She made me aware of what the food industry is doing to not only our food, but also our perception as consumers, and how it’s making Americans unhealthy and leading to disease. Amanda liberated me to make better decisions in the supermarket, restaurants, and has inspired me to get into my kitchen! No more microwave dinners! Amanda is great at easing you into the program. She also showed me how nutrition is linked to my energy, digestion, and skin/hair beauty (who doesn’t want that?!). In the end, I know that I am eating so much better and am on a path to living a long healthy life, and want to teach my family to do the same.

Lindsay M.
Boston, MA

After graduating college and entering the real world, I felt a new level of stress and anxiety in my life. In order to compensate for this, I turned to food for comfort and stress release…

While I still maintained a lifestyle with a lot of exercise, I quickly gained 20 pounds while working at my new job. Amanda was the catalyst that helped me transition to my new, healthier lifestyle and guided me through the difficult changes. With her assistance, I quickly made the evolution to a healthier lifestyle. With the changes in my diet I now feel great, I have much more energy and I have lost almost 25 pounds. I know that I could not have made the changes I did without Amanda’s help and guidance. Thank you Amanda for helping me start my journey to creating an healthier lifestyle!

Kristin S.
Princeton, NJ

I knew working with Amanda would be a great stepping stone to help me in my life.

Having the opportunity to talk with her on such a personal level was amazing and made me feel so connected. I’ve let go of the stress behind “messing up” when it comes to my diet, and now eating a healthier diet comes naturally to me!

Kelsi P.
San Diego, CA

I do a great job of nourishing my mind and soul through self-care, but I tend to neglect my body.

I signed up for Amanda’s Food or Fiction program because I felt it would give me the appropriate tools to begin loving my body by feeding it wholesome and nourishing foods. I really love Amanda’s approach to food. She provides the facts without the guilt! On our weekly calls and in our Facebook group, she was always open and honest with us about her relationship to food. I feel much more secure now when I walk through a grocery store. The knowledge I received from this program has given me the desire to learn more about food and continue my journey of loving my body. Much gratitude and love!

Shannon T.
Lincoln, CA